American Honey

Andrea Arnold
Lane gives a brilliant performance that grounds this cinematic odyssey worth every minute of its nearly three-hour running time. A bold, often abrasive statement about life on the fringes of society in the parts of the country still ravaged by recession, American Honey could have been patronizing or reductive. Instead, thanks to Lane’s natural magnetism and the director Andrea Arnold’s remarkable empathy for her subjects, it’s required viewing.
American Honey is a long journey well worth taking, a singularly magical experience that’ll echo in the brains of its viewers for months no matter what they think of it.
David Sims / The Atlantic
While exhilarating as sensory spectacle, American Honey perhaps works most satisfyingly as a femme-driven corrective to Harmony Korine’s comparable but inferior Spring Breakers, a notional girl-power exercise that muted its female characters’ perspective in favor of James Franco’s gonzo mentor figure. That’s not an error Arnold makes. …[T]he film never slips away from Star’s evolving point of view, or Lane’s electric presence.
Guy Lodge / Variety

UK / USA 2016. Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Käsikirjoitus/Script: Andrea Arnold * Kuvaus/DOP: Robbie Ryan * Leikkaus/Editor: Joe Bini * Pääosissa/Cast: Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough * Kopion Lähde/DCP source: Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment * Kieli/Language: English, subtitles in Swedish * Kesto/Duration: 163 min * Ikäraja/Age limit: 12 * Please note: as an update to the information on the print catalogue, the film’s age limit is 12, not 16
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