Presumption & Prejudice: Finnish Short Films


Angry Hamster

Antti Heikki Pesonen
(Fiction, 14 min. In Finnish, English subtitles)


Angry Hamster is a short story about Tomi, a socially excluded man who lives with his mother. The young man’s dauntingly routine life is interrupted when his mother takes him to town to celebrate his 23rd birthday. Is life just a total misery? Or is it not, after all? Perhaps the twisted world straightens out if you look at it from an even more twisted angle.



Petra Lumioksa
(Fiction, 15 min. In Finnish, English subtitles)


When love ends, fear and hate take over. A determined Essi takes her sister Meri to get her belongings from her ex-husband’s house when he isn’t home, leading to a chain of events that have serious consequences.


The Door

Jenni Toivoniemi
(Fiction, 9 min. In Finnish, English subtitles)


New father Jussi wakes up at night to strange sounds in the apartment building hallway. His fear and need to protect his family make him get up to investigate the cause of the sounds. He encounters a homeless alcoholic, Pentti, who has just broken the window.


Mandatory Swedish

Niklas Lindgren
(Fiction, 13 min. In Swedish and Finnish, English subtitles)


Mandatory Swedish is a story about a relationship with problems. She is upset at how Swedish speaking Finns are treated in their home country. He is seriously constipated. Will the relationship survive when her idealism clashes with his biological needs?


Fucking Bunnies

Teemu Niukkanen
(Fiction, 17 min. In Finnish, English subtitles)


Raimo is a middle-aged Finnish man living his cosy middle class life with his wife in the suburbs of Helsinki. His comfy bubble is burst when a Satan worshipping sex cult moves in next door. However, the cult leader, Maki, turns out to be a very nice and considerate person. In trying to avoid sharing his squash slot with Maki, Raimo ends up living in a lie that gets him into trouble.


Näytöksen kokonaiskesto / Total running time 68 min
Ikäraja / Age limit: 16
to 30.3 klo 20:30 Kinopalatsi 10
la 1.4 klo 13:45 Kinopalatsi 10