The Birth of a Nation

Nate Parker
Like Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained — albeit in a more somber key — The Birth of a Nation is a revenge movie, a tale of righteous, bloody punishment for an unforgivable crime. (…) [M]r. Parker forcefully dismantles some of the lingering mythology about the Old South.
[I]t’s admirably difficult, raising thorny questions about ends and means, justice and mercy, and the legacy of racism that lies at the root of our national identity. There is still a lot of reckoning to be done. Birth is a messy business. And so is what comes after.
A. O. Scott / The New York Times
A biographical drama steeped equally in grace and horror, it builds to a brutal finale that will stir deep emotion and inevitable unease. But the film is perhaps even more accomplished as a theological provocation, one that grapples fearlessly with the intense spiritual convictions that drove Turner to do what he had previously considered unthinkable.
Justin Chang / Variety
Parker perfectly captures a man torn between collaboration and defiance, forced to help prop up a structure he knows is rotten from the ground up. As he witnesses endless cruelties against his fellow slaves, you can feel his blood rising.
Phil De Semlyen / Empire

USA 2016. Park Circus
Käsikirjoitus/Script: Nate Parker, Jean McGianni Celestin * Kuvaus/DOP: Elliot Davis * Leikkaus/Editor: Steven Rosenblum * Pääosissa/Cast: Nate Parker, Armie Hammer, Penelope Ann Miller, Aja Naomi King * Kopion Lähde/DCP source: Park Circus * Kieli/Language: English * Kesto/Duration: 120 min * Ikäraja/Age limit: 16
la 1.4 klo 13:45 Kinopalatsi 9
su 2.4 klo 18:15 Kinopalatsi 10